Horizontal Dilution of Precision (HDOP) / Position Dilution of Precision (PDOP) - which is defined as HDOP in excess of 6 - is probably going to be noticed in certain locations and during certain times, which are the following:

  • In the vicinity of 62.00N, 40.00E, between Mastalyga and Shozhma in Russia, from 1250Z and 1254Z on 22 June 2018;
  • In the vicinity of 64.00N, 138.00W, in the Yukon Territory, in lands governed by the Tr’ondëk Hwëch’in, between 0046Z and 0050Z on 23 June 2018.


Predictions are based on a "Best Four" analysis to show the worst case scenario and are provided for situational awareness only.

In the PDF below you can see the full analysis as provided by the GPS Operations Center