In this regard, the US Coast Guard informed that any member of the public who is registered with an IMO Web account can become a registered account holder.

The information contained in the GMDSS Master Plan GISIS module is similarly structured as the GMDSS Master Plan in previous GMDSS.1 circulars (annexes 1 to 12).



The module is divided into 12 sections, as follows:

1. Status of facilities;
2. Sea Area A1 (within range of shore-based VHF DSC coverage);
3. Sea Area A2 (within range of shore-based MF DSC coverage);
4. Sea Areas A3 and A4 (outside sea area A2);
5. Inmarsat facilities;
6. Coordination Centres (RCCs) using Inmarsat Ship Earth Stations (SESs);
7. NAVTEX Service;
8. International SafetyNET Service;
9. HF Narrow Band Direct Printing (NBDP) MSI Broadcast Service;
10. Cospas-Sarsat MCC and LUT;
11. EPIRB Registration Data; and
12. Contact Points for Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (GMDSS).

Additional functionalities to download or export the information contained in different sections are currently under development, USCG noted.