Specifically, Cmdr. Scott Smith, chief of response for Coast Guard Sector Anchorage reported that the Coast Guard has been working to the solution of the problem, by analyzing and restoring tge radio coverage for Prince William Sound.

I urge mariners to listen more carefully to channel 16 and to relay any possible distress calls to the Coast Guard via other means, like HF radio, satellite communications and cell phones

... Cmdr. Scott Smith highlighted.

Moreover, Cmdr. Smith recommended that those sailing into the Sound by boat should carry several means of communication, travel in groups, file a float plan with a responsible party and rehearse how to handle emergencies, for the utmost safety.

The Coast Guard Cutter Mustang's crew will be responsible for patrolling, to decline this loss of coverage. Yet, given that Prince William Sound has a significant size, the USCG alerts boaters and commercial mariners to be extra cautious when sailing in the area.