Jeffrey G. Lantz, Director, Commercial Regulations and Standards, of the U.S. Coast Guard, commented that although the progress of women's presence in shipping is obvious, as the IMO presented with its 2019 World Maritime Theme, there is still further to go.

For the maritime industry to continue meeting the increasing needs of our world community, it must take advantage of all the talent and capability embodied within the entirety of our diverse population

... Mr Lantz added.

So, celebrating women, USCG chose to highlight women in the US maritime, their contributions and accomplishments.

Their goal was to not only bring women to the spotlight, but also inspire other women and men to think of the opportunities and future in the shipping industry as a career choice.

We tried to highlight women from different segments including mariners, managers, government leaders, and industry representatives to demonstrate the breadth of their significant influence

... Mr Lantz noted.

A few months ago, the USCG appointed the first active duty female maritime law enforcement specialist warrant officer, Amy Barringer, who made history June 1, 2019, when she became the first active duty female warrant officer in her specialty.

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