Ms. Barringer started as a Coast Guard reservist in 2000, before deciding to switch over to active duty. After completing 'A' School, Barringer graduated as a gunner’s mate third class. After that, she spent many years building her career as a gunner’s mate at Small Arms Repair Facility Indiana, Coast Guard Cutters Tahoma and Rush, and Sector Honolulu.


In 2010, the maritime enforcement specialist (ME) rating was announced and Barringer was selected to lateral over to ME and shipped off to 'A' School for a second time, this time as a chief. She graduated ME 'A' School and continued to become the assistant school chief of ME 'A' School where she helped develop curriculum.

I started applying to become a chief warrant officer when I found out I was making chief. I applied nine times before I was picked up

Ms. Barringer stated.

She also added that she always knew she wanted to become a warrant officer, as she had worked for great warrant officers throughout her career who were inspiring to her. However, she became discouraged year after year of not being selected, but said she had a great group of people who supported her on this journey.

“I’m happy that women have really great opportunities in the Coast Guard. I think the Coast Guard works a little bit harder at breaking stigmas and trying to be inclusive. It’s definitely a place where I feel like I can integrate as part of a team with no issue. I feel as though I’ve always been valued and appreciated

Amy Barringer is now scheduled to start a new position in the National Command Center in Washington, D.C. this summer.