Thus, US Secretary, Mike Pompeo, during his visit to Greece highlighted that there are specific rules in exploring energy resources in the Mediterranean Sea, adding that Turkey's decision to begin drilling operations is 'illegal' and 'unacceptable'.

According to Reuters, Pompeo further stated that it is clear that operations in international waters are based on specific rules, and Turkey already has been warned that illegal drilling is unacceptable by the laws.

We’ll continue to take diplomatic actions to ... ensure that lawful activity takes place

... added US Secretary Pompeo.

Overall, tensions between Greece and Turkey spiked when the latter announced that they would send drill ships to operate off Cyprus, despite Greece's opposition to these actions. For the time being, the Ankara commented that some of the areas where Cyprus is exploring are either on its own continental shelf or in zones where Turkish Cypriots have equal rights over any finds with Greek Cypriots.

Two Turkish drill ships are continuing operations in the eastern Mediterranean, while another ship joined them in August, as the Turkish Minister reported back then.