Mr. Trump said that the costs of malicious cyber activity cannot be ignored.

Guided by this National Cyber Strategy, the Federal Government will be better equipped to protect the American people, the American homeland, and the American way of life.


As for the maritime sector, it has modernized and it has become more vulnerable to cyber exploitation or attack. So, maritime security is of 'particular concern because lost or delayed shipments can result in strategic economic disruptions and potential spillover effects on downstream industries'. 

Maritime transportation is crucial to the US and global economy and America will attempt to clarify maritime cyber security roles and responsibilities; promote mechanisms for international coordination and information sharing; and boost the development of next-generation cyber-resilient maritime infrastructure.

America’s economic and national security is built on global trade and transportation. Our ability to guarantee free and timely movement of goods, open sea and air lines of communications, access to oil and natural gas, and availability of associated critical infrastructures is vital to our economic and national security.

You can see US's National Cyber Strategy in the following PDF