Specifically, the central mission of the Identity Management Program goals to reduce the cyber risks and the vulnerabilities of sailors' social media personal use, while provide to every seafarer at all levels, a certified workforce to operate the online battlespace against adversarial activity.

Our adversaries will use every means possible to weaken our capabilities, to include targeting Sailors on their personal social media accounts. As we are taught in all of our security training, we must remain vigilant to ensure we protect ourselves and the critical operational information of the Fleet.

...said Vice Adm. John Nowell, the chief of naval personnel.

Furthermore, the program will encompass the review and modification of current distribution practices for advancements, promotions, program selections and command assignments.

In the era of Great Power Competition, we have a responsibility to ask ourselves whether past practices make good sense in the current operating environment. Current practices provide our adversaries with everything they need to conduct surveillance and compile target lists - we are changing that.

...Geoff Tokajer, director of the U.S. Navy’s identity management program continued.

In light of the situation, the US Navy recommends seafarers when using social media to:

  1. Know who you are following online
  2. Know who is following you
  3. Think about the information you are giving out before posting on social media