The earn-while-you-learn program will help students earn a salary and take advantage of the benefits during their two-and-a-half-year attendance.


Also, the program will assist those participating follow a path to employment for in-demand jobs in the renewable energy sector, including the offshore and onshore wind, solar generation and battery storage sectors.

In light of the program, Jon Harmon, P4A Executive Director, commented

These are the jobs of the future and if we’re going to remain on the cutting edge of the energy industry, the skills we teach must reflect those of the ever-changing energy industry.

The hybrid, earn-while-you-learn program meets a growing demand from renewable energy companies for highly-skilled individuals to fill thousands of new job openings in an industry that’s doubled in size over the past decade. While community colleges across the country have offered similar skills trainings, this apprenticeship program provides on-the-job experience. The benefit of the P4A and UWUA partnership means students are earning salary and benefits from the first day they enter the program.

The students that will follow the three-phase program will work in the Consumers Energy sector, while also in further similar partnerships with other companies are anticipated in the coming years.

Recently in the UK, the Offshore Wind Industry Council (OWIC) launched the 'Investment in Talent Group', a new task force with the goal of boosting the number of skilled people working in the UK's offshore wind field, according to which workers will gain expertise and knowledge in the sector.