Moreover, Trump Administration also identified five Iranian nuclear scientists for taking part in Iran’s pre-2004 nuclear weapons program and continue to be employed by the Iranian state.

In light of the situation, US informed that would black the seven companies along with the five individuals, but did not name them.

The State Department identified the companies targeted as Hong Kong-based Mcfly Plastic Hk Ltd, Saturn Oasis Co, Sea Charming Shipping Company Ltd; Chinese companies Dalian Golden Sun Import & Export Co. Ltd., Tianyi International (Dalian) Co. Ltd. and Aoxing Ship Management (Shanghai) Ltd. and South Africa’s SPI International Proprietary Ltd, Reuters reported.

For the records this action came following the US's decision to issue advisories warning shippers, port officials and insurance companies that it "will target anybody that stores Iranian oil, petrochemicals or refined petroleum in violation of US sanctions.

Concluding, this is not the first time that US blacklists a Chinese shipping company. Specifically, sanctions were imposed to Cosco on September 25, 2019, for transporting oil from Iran. Although, US recently lifted the sanction due to the trade talks with China on beginning the 'phase one' deal, after signing truce on January 15.