Specifically, the Netherlands and the US aspire to strengthen their partnership on offshore wind development as there are many things to be learned that can benefit all participants.

The group discussed many topics, including offshore wind planning, leasing, and oversight. After the successful meeting, the forum intends to meet annually, with the next gathering to take place in Denmark in 2020, as BOEM announced.

In addition, the MoU reflects all participants that are interested in increasing renewable energy sources, in favour of a better energy security and economic growth.

We are very excited to start this collaboration in offshore wind, a sector in which the Netherlands is working on for long time.

... the Consul General Dolph Hogewoning highlighted.

The Netherlands Enterprise Agency will take the lead in the cooperative activities, the ministry concluded.

Concluding, in May, BOEM and the Kingdom of Denmark will mark three years of formal cooperation between their two governments on offshore wind.