This latest addition will facilitate the Sogester Container Terminal to efficiently handle the largest vessels that call the port with no operational restrictions. This will benefit all shipping lines calling the terminal. Later in the year an additional two LH800 cranes will be commissioned, both with 23 rows outreach.


New handling equipment, including reach stackers, terminal trailers and empty handlers aim for a quicker collection of containers, with truck turnaround time currently at around 41 minutes. The import process at Sogester has also improved to speed up container collection. Import containers are currently held for about three days at the terminal, with the latter continuing its efforts to reduce this even more.

At Terminal Sogester Namibe, the third largest port in Angola and gateway to the South of Angola, extensive infrastructure upgrades were also conducted in 2019. What is more, during 2020, a new 500m quay, improvements to yard structure and further equipment upgrades will be completed.

As far as IT solutions are concerned, in the near future, a priority gate will be available for customers that are can handle data via Electronic Data Interchange. Sogester is also a partner in TradeLens, a digital platform that enables businesses and authorities along the supply chain with a single, secure source of shipping data.