BWTS accepted by USCG for use in US waters as AMS

The U.S. Coast Guard has updated the list of the Ballast Water Treatment Systems (BWTS) accepted for use in US water as Alternate Management Systems (AMS)

AMS acceptance by the Coast Guard is a temporary designation given to a ballast water treatment system approved by a foreign administration. Vessel operators may use an AMS to manage their ballast water discharges in lieu of ballast water exchange, while the treatment system undergoes approval testing to Coast Guard standards.

An AMS may be used to meet the Coast Guard ballast water treatment requirements for up to five years after the ship's ballast water discharge standard compliance date specified in the final rule. This five-year timeframe allows for the completion of required land-based and shipboard testing.

The ballast water treatment systems (BWTS) listed in the table below have been accepted for use in U.S. waters as Alternate Management Systems (AMS). Use of a BWTS as an AMS is subject to the general and specific conditions and requirements listed in the AMS acceptance letter issued to the system's manufacturer

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TheBallast Water Management (BWM) Convention requires:

  • A ship-specific Ballast Water Management Plan approved by the Administration on board
  • A Ballast Water Record Book on board
  • Ballast water exchange (Regulation D-1)
  • An approved ballast water treatment system (Regulation D-2)
  • An International Ballast Water Management Certificate.

The Convention will enter into force 12 months after it has been ratified by 30 states representing 35 percent of the world's merchant shipping tonnage