To evaluate the findings of the Costa Concordia investigation

Costa Concordia debris.jpgNautilus International has welcomed a call from the Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA) for the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) to undertake a comprehensive evaluation from the findings of the Costa Concordia investigation.

Christine Duffy CEO of the CLIA said that she spoke on behalf of the entire cruise industry when she expressed her heartfelt condolences to all those affected by the tragedy and praised the 'brave professionals on the scene right now' who worked tirelessly to evacuate the ship and care for the injured.

'Safety is the cruise industry's number one priority,' she said. 'Cruise liners are, per passenger, one of the safest forms of recreation - and maritime incidents are incredibly rare.'

Ms Duffy said that the cruise industry was heavily regulated by the IMO and that the CLIA has called on the organisation to review the evidence from the Costa Concordia once the investigations had been concluded so that the wider maritime community can ensure that any lessons that can be learnt are learnt.

'The industry works constantly with the IMO and other international maritime authorities and classification societies to implement stringent safety standards and will continue to do so,' she concluded.

Nautilus International general secretary Mark Dickinson welcomed the statement from CLIA but said that the IMO needed to ensure the Italian authorities delivered their report as quickly as possible.

'We are hoping that the initial investigations can be concluded within a matter of weeks so that the IMO can begin without delay its work to ensure that any lessons from this tragedy can be acted upon as soon as possible.'

Source: Nautilus International