The Club advises that there is also some uncertainty over the extent to which the Indonesian authorities will enforce the sulfur regulations, or the level of any penalties imposed for violations.

Considering this situation, it is recommended that members take necessary precautions to source sufficient compliant bunkers prior to calling at Indonesian ports.


In July 2019, the Indonesian Ministry of Transportation announced that Indonesia will not implement the 2020 suplhur cap regulation on its domestic shipping fleet because of the expense of the cleaner fuel.

Thus, Indonesian-flagged vessels were to be able to sail burning marine fuels with a maximum 3.5% sulphur content in its territorial waters past 2020 without having to use scrubbers.

Whatsoever, in August, Indonesia informed that ships flying its flag will comply with the upcoming 2020 sulphur cap, as the Indonesian Ministry of Transportation announced.

It was in December, when the Indonesian state energy company PT Pertamina began producing low sulphur marine fuel oil, following the country's ambitions in complying with the IMO's 2020 sulphur cap.