Specifically, based on data from IHS Global, at the end of 2018 the UK registered trading fleet:

  • Accounted for 0.8% of the world feet on a deadweight tonnage basis (a measure of cargo carrying capacity), and 1.1% when based on gross tonnage (a measure of vessel size).
  • Was the 18th largest trading feet in the world, on a deadweight tonnage basis.
  • Accounted for 26% of deadweight tonnage of the Red Ensign Group, which as a whole would be the world’s 10th largest trading feet

In the meantime, the data present that the UK fleet of vessels that are either owned, parent owned or managed in the UK is larger than the UK registered trading fleet, comprising in an overall of 4% of the global fleet, by deadweight tonnage.

Additionally, the deadweight tonnage of ships with a UK parent owner increased in 2018, compared with end 2017, continuing the upward trend of recent years.

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