The temperature controlled cargo supply chain can present operational challenges for all stakeholders, as these cargoes are among the more sensitive transported.


Through analysis of claims experience from UK P&I Club and TT Club, there are several common errors and misconceptions which can lead to deterioration or total loss of the cargo, as well as harm to the carrying equipment.

The table below illustrates how, in today’s supply chain, some traditional stakeholders may assume several roles as defined in the CTU Code.

Credit: UK Club

In addition, the stakeholders mentioned throughout this document are consistent with those stakeholders identified in the CTU Code.

Demand for the carriage of temperature controlled cargo continues to increase

the UK Club notes.

Moreover, additionally to the guidance and information contained in this document, all stakeholders must know national, regional and international regulations regarding the preparation and transport of certain commodities, including the capability to provide data records.

What is more, the report provides a 12-point check list, which can serve to provide a reference to an intended shipment. If the answers to the 12 questions are positive then, while it does not cover every possibility, the risk of loss through the supply chain will be greatly reduced.

  1. Has the cargo to be shipped been clearly identified?
  2. Does the subject cargo have any special requirements?
  3. Have clear instructions been received regarding the requirements of the transport?
  4. Have you selected the most appropriate CTU for the cargo and transport?
  5. Has the pre-trip inspection been undertaken and the CTU passed?
  6. Is the CTU clean and free from debris and pests?
  7. Has the cargo been appropriately packaged for the intended transport in the intended reefer CTU?
  8. Has the subject cargo been pre-cooled, where appropriate?
  9. Has the reefer CTU been correctly set in terms of temperature, ventilation, humidity and controlled atmosphere, where appropriate?
  10. Has the subject cargo been packed and secured correctly within the CTU?
  11. Has the CTU been sealed?
  12. Have all received instructions been passed accurately to all stakeholders through the intended supply chain?

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