The seafood industry representatives also wanted reassurances regarding the compensation for any new tariffs, while they are also concerned about the rising paperwork needed to certify the seafood's origin. However, the UK noted that the meeting was very productive.


Speaking about the meeting, Hamish Macdonell of the Scottish Salmon Producers Organisation, mentioned that the representatives of the seafood sector made it clear to the UK government that they want to ensure this continues, even if the UK leaves the EU without breaking a deal.

He explained that a constructive meeting took place, but added that more needs to be done in order to protect seafood exports to Europe in case of a no-deal Brexit.

As BBC reports, the Scottish Seafood Association's Jimmy Buchan is optimistic with Mr. Gove's response, saying that he hoped the government will ensure access remains as swift and as easy in the future as it currently is.

As for the UK government, it said that it wants a sustainable, profitable fishing industry, while it also aspires to achieve a tariff-free and barrier-free trade with Europe, as well as negotiating its own trade agreements.