The bulletin states that an evaluation of risk assessment of the equipment has concluded that the impacted models could pose a risk to the marine environment.

This means that corrective action must be taken by the manufacturer (Tecnicomar S.p.A.) in order for the equipment to remain in use and not be removed from vessels.

As required by the MCA, Tecnicomar S.p.A. has provided a plan to address the risk posed by the equipment. The manufacturer has agreed to either:

  • Replace the uncertified models with compliant equipment; or
  • Provide an upgrade module (certification pending) to existing equipment that will allow the models in question to meet the required standards.

Owners and operators with ECOMAR sewage treatment plant models affected by the notice, which were installed with Lloyd’s Register (LR) type approval or Marine Equipment Directive (MED) certification issued by LR on behalf of the UK MCA, should contact their flag Administration or LR, and the manufacturer, for details of rectifications needed.

It is recommended for ships fitted with this equipment, that discharge from such equipment is only done in accordance with the requirements for discharge of untreated sewage, until such time as the equipment is made fully compliant

says LR.