In fact, the notice provides information and guidance on the continuing requirement for crew agreements to be maintained on those UK sea-going ships and yachts which were previously required to maintain them and which are not subject to the Maritime Labour Convention requirement that seafarers on UK registered sea-going ships ordinarily engaged in commercial activities shall have individual Seafarers’ Employment Agreements in place of a Crew Agreement.

What is more, the notice advises that the documentation required for Crew Agreements will no longer be produced by MCA.

Instead, shipowners and employers will produce such documentation themselves or arrange for its production in the near future.

The MLC Minimum Requirements Regulations do not however apply to the following:

  • Pleasure Vessels (except those operating commercially at any time which will need to comply with the MLC Minimum Requirements Regulations)
  • Fishing Vessels
  • Ships of Traditional Build Warships or Naval Auxiliaries
  • Vessels which are not ordinarily engaged in Commercial Activities.

The provisions of the Merchant Shipping (Crew Agreements, Lists of Crew and Discharge of Seamen) Regulations 1991 (SI 1991/2144) (the “Crew Agreement Regulations”) will continue to remain in force for vessels in those categories which were previously required to have crew agreements.

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