Due to damage of the propeller tunnel of the vessel

2011.1.31-SHIP.jpgA British cargo ship is leaking hydraulic oil into the sea at Helsinki's Vuosaari port. Efforts are underway to contain the leak from the M/S Longstone, which is due to damage to the vessel's propeller tunnel.

Local emergency officials have been installing oil containment booms around the vessel since Monday evening. The procedure is to be completed on Tuesday morning.

The ship, which is nearly 200 metres long, is leaking oil at a rate of 100-150 litres a day, creating a one-millimetre thick oil slick. The leak cannot be stopped while the vessel is in the water.

Maritime authorities are to decide on Tuesday whether the Longstone will be allowed to continue on its journey or whether it must be put into dry dock in Finland.

The London-based ship was built in Germany in 2003. Finnlines now operates it between Helsinki and Århus, Denmark.

Source: YLE News