According to Bloomberg, the goal was suggested by the government's climate change adviser last week, with the Committee on Climate Change saying that UK citizens should fly less, drive electric cars, eat little meat and reduce their home thermostats to 19 degrees Celsius (66 Fahrenheit).


However, an official said that adopting this target would lead to implications for an energy white paper, which is planned for July. The paper is being prepared with current climate goals in consideration, but civil servants were also called to analyze the consequences of a net zero target strategy. Thus, changing the target is not likely to delay the white paper.

As of now, the UK already has a goal to reduce GHG by 80% until 2050.

Except the UK, other European countries as well are trying to establish similar strategies. Namely, the governments of France, Belgium, Denmark, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Portugal, Spain and Sweden called the EU to adopt a net zero target for 2050.