RUB 2.3 million was spent on modernization and maintenance of MRC’ environmental facilities.


Specifically, during 2018 the company starting developing a project for rehabilitation of the terminal’s wastewater treatment facilities. MRC spent over RUB 960 000 on monitoring of environmental parameters at the terminal during handling operations.

In addition, the specialists of UCL Port's laboratory were conducting quality tests of natural and waste waters at the site, the purity of the atmospheric air. They also measured the noise level at the border of the sanitary protection zone. The lab analysis confirmed the terminal operation environmental footprint does not surpass the current standards.

In order to comply with the public health requirements, MRC earmarked in excess of RUB 440 000 for waste disposal and for the development of relevant science-based guidelines for generation and limits of designated disposal sites. In 2018 the amount of waste MRC sent for recycling for further use increased by 16% in comparison to 2017.