More specifically, 4-5 robbers in a small skiff came alongside an anchored product tanker and threw two ropes attached with hooks onto the tanker’s railing.


Duty crew on routine rounds heard voices near the bow and saw the hooks and the skiff. The alarm was raised and non-essential crew members mustered in the citadel.

Then, the Master asked for help from the Nigerian Navy patrol boat which immediately responded. Hearing the alarm, the robbers moved away, with the patrol boat searching the waters around the tanker.

On the second incident, two robbers with plastic hoses boarded an anchored tanker while it was conducting STS operations. They attached the hoses to the ullage ports of the forward cargo tanks and tried to steal cargo.

Duty crew saw the robbers and raised the alarm, leading the robbers to leave.

The incident was reported to the Nigerian Navy patrol boat who came to the location and checked the surrounding waters. Nothing was reported as stolen.