As part of the inspection process, the authorities compare the quantity of fuel onboard with what is declared by the vessel on the arrival.

If the declared amount is less than the actual amount onboard, the Turkish authorities may wonder why and consider this as an action of smuggling of a petroleum product and demand the discharge of the excess.

This may result in the arrest of the vessel’s master for violations of Anti-Smuggling Law Nr. 5607.

At the same time, the vessel's master and the chief engineer must be prepared since they might be required to provide any statements.

In case that vessel is found with quantities more than the declared ones, except the confiscation of the bunkers, Master and Chief Engineer are taken for testimonies in the presence of a sworn translator. The crew should clearly state in their verbal and written statements that the excess quantity is not a result of a deliberate act.

...Kalimbassieris Maritme A.S. reported.

In light of the situation, vessels should pay attention on measuring and recording the quantities of bunker properly and correctly before calling the Turkish ports, so as to avoid any misdeclaration.