Namely, the repatriation started along with the aid of International Transport Workers Federation (ITF), affiliated seafarers’ unions, the German Government and the seafarers’ mission in Germany.

What is more, approximately 1.200 of the 2.900 seafarers were transmitted back to their homes.

The seafarers are desperate to return home and they have a right to do so. Luckily the German government has been supportive throughout, without their assistance and the help from the mission, the situation could have quickly escalated on board.

...said Schwiegershausen-Gueth from ver.di.

According to ITF, the repatriation flights have chartered Ukrainian (168 seafarers), Indonesian (738 seafarers), Turkish, Tunisian, Mauritian and Chinese crew members home.

At the same time, more charter flights are planned next week for around 1.200 seafarers from the Philippines, Nicaragua and Honduras.

Unfortunately, 192 Indian seafarers still remain on board without any prospective travel date and limited support from their government.

All of the repatriated seafarers who tested negative to Covid-19 are now home, which is an enormous relief for all of our members and their families. We have worked with the company to guarantee the safe transit of crew from Cuxhaven to Odessa, and with the Ukrainian Government to ensure that they weren’t forced into medical facilities for quarantine on their return home.

.... First vice chairman of Marine Transport Workers' Trade Union of Ukraine, Oleg Grygoriuk, told the ITF.

Overall, in light of the crew change matter, ICS, ITUC and ITF joined their forces and wrote a letter to the UN Secretary General in order to facilitate seafarers' transportation.