The ferry was en route from Trelleborg, Sweden, to Travemünde, Germany, when the crew reported a mechanical-related fire on one of the five diesel generators, according to data provided by the company.

The 51 crew onboard responded quickly and fire was soon brought under control by onboard extinguishing systems.

The fire remained limited in the area, as the diesel generators onboard this ship are housed in separate compartments and passengers were able to disembark, TT-Line explained.

The situation onboard could be quickly brought under control thanks to the carefully acting crew, so that all 217 passengers onboard after a short time could move freely again.

With support from two tugboats, the ship eventually moored on dock 7 of the nearby Scandinavia quay on July 10.

Until about 3:20 clock, all passengers had left the ship unhurt.

TT-Line employees and representatives of the authorities immediately entered the ferry for damage inspection.