Through their collaboration, Tres Solutions will use real-time data from the DanelecConnect ship-to-shore data gathering and transmission platform to boost shipowners’ decision-making on improving vessel fuel and environmental efficiency.

This collaboration brings together two leaders in maritime digitalization. With Danelec, we are collectively able to remove many of the barriers to widespread adoption of IoT by our customers and pave the way for further efficiency driven solutions for our clients.

...said Aaron Holton, CEO of Tres Solutions.

Danelec from its side, will collect data from onboard sensors before transferring it to a secure cloud-based database, while Tres will use the reliable, real-time data in its TVA decision-support software and services, helping existing and future clients improve fuel efficiency, reduce emissions and improve operations.

What is more, Tres and Danelec goal to provide shipping companies new tools that can improve confidence in decision-making within their operations.

In light of the above,  Casper Jensen, COO of Danelec Marine noted:

The industry is quickly changing, and many more ships will be IoT enabled in the coming years. We believe our collaboration with Tres will help lead the transformation of the industry in a smart and efficient way.