Namely, through their collaboration both sides will join forces in promoting supply chain digitalization.

In fact, Traxens will be able to demonstrate its capacity in creating customer values through promoting its smart container solutions and digital services, and significantly contributing to the ongoing digitalization of the global container logistics industry.

Traxens is delighted to be working with COSCO, providing its industry-proven smart container solutions to help streamline the company’s operations and enhance customers experience. By partnering up with global shipping companies such as COSCO we are able to demonstrate what our market-leading IoT solutions are capable of, giving client companies end-to-end shipment visibility and predictive insights that will benefit the end-users and the whole industry.

...Vincent Gu, managing director, Traxens Asia-Pacific, marked.

At the same time, COSCO from its side, will offer premium data services to its large base of BCOs who are seeking door-to-door visibility and ever-increasing efficiency in their supply chains.

Through our partnership with Traxens, we aim to be at the forefront of digitalization and to maintain our leadership in the global container logistics industry. We believe that the IoT services developed by Traxens are important to improve tracking and management of moving assets.

..Sheng Liu, general manager of the container logistics division of COSCO SHIPPING Logistics concluded.