Marine pilots play a central role in Canadian marine transportation

Jeff Watson, Parliamentary Secretary to the Honourable Lisa Raitt, Minister of Transport, recognized the central role that marine pilots play in maintaining professional standards in Canada's marine transportation system in remarks made to the 4thCanadian Marine Pilots' Association (CMPA) Congress in Niagara Falls.

Building on the congress theme of "Beyond the Horizon: The Future and Pilotage", Mr. Watson acknowledged the importance of trained, experienced navigators who can provide high levels of safety on Canada's waterways. He also highlighted the critical role marine transportation plays in supporting Canadian trade and the economy.

Mr. Watson noted the CMPA's valuable contribution to the development of Canada's World-Class Tanker Safety System, which advances the transport of goods in a safe and environmentally responsible manner. He also thanked the association for the advice it has provided the government on infrastructure requirements and policy development for the future of Canada's marine transportation system.

The annual congress brings together marine pilots, port officials, government officials and industry leaders from across Canada.

The Canadian Marine Pilots' Association, representing almost all 400 marine pilots in Canada, was founded in 1966 to foster public awareness of the role of marine pilots in protecting public safety and the environment, and to work with other marine stakeholders to ensure a vibrant and healthy marine sector.

Source: Transport Canada