During the CIC, member Authorities inspected 6,720 vessels, of which 36 (0.54%) were detained as a result of the campaign. In total 157 (2.34%) ships were detained during the campaign.


The highest number of inspections were carried out on ships flying the flags of Panama 1,876 (27.92%), Hong Kong (China) 650 (9.67%), the Marshall Islands 610 (9.08%) and Liberia 543 (8.08%).

CIC related detentions by flag States with the highest number of detentions were Panama 9 out of 1,876 inspections, Liberia 4 out of 543 inspections, and Belize 4 out of 173 inspections. The flags with the highest detention percentage during the CIC were the United Republic of Tanzania (33.33%; 1 detention out of 3 inspections), Pakistan (25.00%; 1 detention out of 4 inspections) and Cook Islands (14.29%; 1 detention out of 7 inspections).

The highest number of CIC inspections relating to ship types were conducted on bulk carriers 2,360 (35.12%), followed by general cargo/multipurpose vessels 1,333 (19.84%) and container vessels 1,186 (17.65%).

The most significant deficiencies found during the campaign related to the following issues:

  • Passage plan for the voyage (21.82%).
  • Exhibition of navigation/signal lights (19.63%).
  • Recognition of stages of remote audible alarm of BNWAS (10.85%).

The final results will be considered by the Port State Control Committee in November 2018 and after that, a report of the CIC will also be presented to the International Maritime Organization’s Sub-Committee on Implementation of IMO Instruments (III).

Recently, the Indian MoU releases its Concentrated Inspection Campaign (CIC) on Safety of Navigation, according to which 1076 inspections of individual ships were undertaken covering 57 flags, using the CIC questionnaire and total of 6 ships were detained for CIC related deficiencies.