The company highlights that its top priority is the safety and health of their employees, partners, and clients. Also, the company commented that they have not experienced any limitations on the loading of LNG from any of the terminals they load from and the transport companies contracted by Titan.

Titan LNG thus supports the need to continue business operations amid ongoing epidemic outbreak prevention and control measures to ensure the return to a normal work rhythm as well as a healthy global economy as soon as possible.

Therefore, the company follows the guidance below to ensure efficient operations:

  1. Consult and connect – close (daily) contact with stakeholders, key subcontractors and customers to evaluate the situation and align protocols where needed.
  2. Implementation – all measures based on the Dutch National Institute for Public Health and Environment.
  3. Social distancing – in full effect and updated some procedures to avoid face to face checklists to be completed in close contact with the authorities.
  4. Supervision – close supervision on health of personal, subcontractors, clients, and on the availability of LNG transport equipment..


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