Compliance with the PERS standard is independently assessed by Lloyd’s Register and the certificate is valid for two years. PERS is revised after the 2-year period to ensure that the port continues to comply with the necessary requirements.


Congratulating the Port of Ceuta for getting EcoPort’s environmental standard and Shannon Foynes Port Company and Port of Melilla for renewing it, Isabelle Ryckbost said that European ports are  stepping up their efforts to communicate about their environmental policies and to engage with the surrounding citizens and community.

She added that Ports have to respond with more transparency regarding both externalities and environmental performance, but also have to present how the port in its different functions and   responsibilities can contribute to the well-being of the city, the region and the citizen.

It is encouraging that the number of ports that joined EcoPorts is continuously increasing. Environmental challenges such as climate change, air quality, noise and water quality are key priorities for European ports. EcoPorts enables ports to further improve how they deal with the environmental challenges and to communicate to local communities, policy makers, research and civil society their priorities and the progress they make

mentioned EcoPorts coordinator, Sotiris Raptis.