Wind farms

The new wind farm group has been formed to help stakeholders collaborate in supporting offshore wind farms. According to Lee Harris, the group’s chairman, different standards and specifications have emerged within this new sector and the room for confusion can lead to safety risk and inefficiency.


The group aims to publish a document laying out common safety standards and practices. This will be based on peer-reviewed guidelines covering points such as crew experience, aircraft performance, training and weather. It aims to publish the new guidelines in 2019.


The Helidecks Work Group is currently finalising its charter and objectives. It aims to use its area in the HeliOffshore Space to share safety issues, events and information. The goal is to allow colleagues from across the industry to develop solutions to safety issues involving helidecks.

Search and Rescue

The new Search and Rescue (SAR) group wants to establish appropriate definitions and a matrix for the requirements and minimum standards for a contracted rescue service. These will include a minimum equipment list and it is hoped will be published by the end of 2018.

The group also hopes to develop guidelines of other safety critical areas including:

  • The establishment of flight data monitoring data thresholds for SAR operations;
  • Developing a Line Operations Safety Audit process for the sector;
  • Possible review of terrain databases for Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning Systems.