The three fishermen were inbound the Yaquina Bay Bar onboard the 42-foot vessel Mary B II when it capsized without warning. Two fishermen fell overboard into the stormy Pacific Ocean with reported waves of 14 to 16 feet with occasional waves of 20 feet.


Before the capsizing of Mary B II, its crew had requested a US Coast Guard escort across the Yaquina Bay Bar. A US Coast Guard Station Yaquina Bay boat crew went out to meet the Mary B II. At 10:08 p.m., the vessel capsized while under its own power with the Victory’s crew near by. The Victory’s crew immediately began searching for the fishermen, and called for more support leading to another boat crew launching aboard a 47-foot MLB and an aircrew aboard a helicopter from US Coast Guard Air Facility Newport arriving on scene.

The Newport Fire Department also sent responders to North Beach to carry out shore side searches. The responders reported debris washing up on the beach. The US Coast Guard aircrew located the hull of the vessel near the North Jetty and about 100 yards offshore.

The first fisherman was recovered at 11:30 p.m., by the aircrew. He was unresponsive and was transported to shore where he was delivered to emergency medical services. A second fisherman washed ashore and was found unresponsive as well by the shore side searchers. He was treated by EMS. Both of these fishermen were transported to Samaritan Pacific Communities Hospital where they were later pronounced dead. The third fisherman was spotted in the hull of the vessel, however, weather conditions prevented the safe retrieval by rescuers. Responders from the Newport Fire Department extracted the last fisherman from the cabin of the Mary B II on January 9.

An Air Facility Newport aircrew performed an overflight and reported no visible pollution, but lots of debris were around. Oregon State Park Rangers are gathering the debris from the fishing vessel.

The Mary B II had been crabbing for three days before trying to return to port with their reported catch. The crew did not send out a Mayday call, but had requested a US Coast Guard escort which was provided.