The index, first launched by Crewtoo in 2015, aims to deliver key insights in to how to attract and maintain the seafarer workforce of tomorrow, as well as draw attention to potential welfare pitfalls in the industry’s future.

Specifically, the Seafarer Happiness Index will consist of the same ten questions as the previous index, delivering a mark out of ten on key welfare issues like shore leave, wages, food, training, social interaction and family contact. The anonymous survey also seeks first-hand experiences to support the figures.

 “By measuring the ongoing satisfaction and happiness of seafarers, the industry can reveal trends and early warning signs of the issues facing shipping," commented Steven Jones, founder of the Seafarer Happiness Index and added: “Happy, satisfied, well fed, fit and engaged seafarers are less likely to have accidents, they are less likely to become disaffected and they are the manifestation of the confidence which may be felt elsewhere up the industry chain."

Research for the next Seafarer Happiness Index will begin in October this year and continue until December. The Mission to Seafarers will publish the results in January 2018.