The 24 seafarers taken hostage were mainly Russian, as stated by the Russian Embassy in Benin.


Representatives have allegedly visited the vessel and met with the crew's members. According to the crew, the attack was committed on a speedboat, there were from eight to tem pirates and all of them spoke English. Also, there were no injuries or ill among the crewmembers.

Moreover, the seafarers have internet and mobile communication with their relatives and friends and are to stay in the vessel until arriving to the destination port in Russia.

Albert Dyabin, First Secretary of the Russian Embassy in Cotonou highlighted that

It is the latest information on the sailors. There is no any other information on their fate currently.

Concluding, the MSC Mandy container carrier arrived from Nigeria to the port of Cotonou, and new crew members went on board the ship, including the captain, to replace the crew members who had been taken hostage.

Following the crewmembers, police officers, investigators and representatives for Benin’s port authorities also arrived to assess the situation. On January 6, the container carrier left Benin’s territorial waters.