Specifically, the above-mentioned certificates generated to ensure that a company carries the proper insurance, in order to cover any claim of recompense for an oil spill damage.

For the records, the electronic certificates were issued back on 29 November 2019 and will play a vital role in shipping, insurance companies and the NMA.

With the electronic form of the certificates, it is no longer needed it to keep hard copies of documents onboard as the they will be all available in the web site "My Vessels".

This is exclusively positive and ensures us an enhanced document control. In this way, we can avoid the never-ending local storage of copies.

...said Toralv Austrheim, captain on board the MS Utsira.

Moreover, automating certificates will advance the quality of data, while allow CLB and CLC certificate to be issued 24/7.

By using this system, the companies will save time on administrative tasks associated with the certificates, and they will also have digital access to the certificates.

...as Jorunn Lindøe, Senior Adviser at the IT section of the NMA marked.

Concluding, the system has been recognized across the global, as it was presented to the IMO which further gave its approval.