Lessons learned: Man overboard fatality from world racing yacht

UK MAIB issued an investigation report on the fatal man overboard incident involving the UK registered world racing yacht ‘CV30’ approximately 1500 nm west of Fremantle, Australia. Simon Speirs was initially secured to the yacht, but before he could be recovered his safety tether hook distorted and suddenly released. 

30 million euro yacht falls at sea during its transmit

Brattingsborg, a general cargo vessel, was transmitting the ‘My Song’ yacht from the Caribbean to Genova; Yet, according to sources, the yacht was lost at sea on Saturday night, May 25, after slipping from the transportation ship in the Mediterranean.

Yacht man stranded in sea uses jeans as life jacket

A German yachtsman was knocked overboard in bad weather seas off New Zealand, when he decided to use his jeans to save his life, Reuters reports. The yachtsman managed to transform his pair of jeans into a life jacket that kept him afloat for more than three hours before being rescued by the coast guard.

NYK bulk carrier saves yachtsman in North Atlantic

While Frontier Jacaranda was navigating for Rotterdam, Netherlands, it received a call from the UK’s Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre. The ship immediately headed to the instructed area and rescued a British yachtsman. The individual was in good health and delivered to the Joint Rescue Coordination Centre of the Republic of Cabo Verde on January 20.

New Zealand: Four recreational boating fatalities so far in 2018

Maritime NZ, New Zealand’s shipping safety agency, released drowning statistics related to recreational boating, noting a significant progress with only four boating fatalities in 2018 compared to previous years. The agency provided simple advice for boaties to help keep that number down.

17 rescued after yacht collides with sportfisher off Imperial Beach

The crew of the 332-foot yacht, Attessa IV collided with the 65-foot sportfisher, Prowler, about nine miles offshore of Imperial Beach, causing extensive damage to the starboard quarter of the sportfisher and multiple injuries. The cause of the collision is under investigation.

Solo yachtsman rescued in the Indian Ocean

The Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) coordinated the search and rescue operation for a French yachtsman in the Indian Ocean, approximately 1300 kilometres south west of Perth, Western Australia. On 21 October, around 12.45am, AMSA was notified of a dismasted yacht taking on water.

Sailing yacht experiences catastrophic rigging failure

According to UK MAIB, during a training passage on the south coast of England a commercially operated sailing yacht experienced a catastrophic rigging failure that led to it being dismasted. There were no injuries and the mast was cut free and released overboard.

Two crew injured due to winch malfunction

In UK MAIB’s latest Safety Digest, two crewmen broke their wrists during a sail training. Namely, the two men were turning the starboard coffeegrinder to heave in the headsail when there was a sudden change of the handles’ direction. Examination of the gearing system identified that a load-bearing pinion on the central spindle had failed.

Powerboat accident highlights the need for caution around new equipment

On its latest Safety Digest, UK MAIB describes a racing powerboat, when two friends decided to the test their boat at a public slipway. During the trials, the driver turned the boat around a navigation buoy when it instantaneously flipped over. As a result, both men were thrown into the sea, injured and disoriented.


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