Maritime NZ: Checking weather forecast can save your life

Maritime NZ is reminding boaties heading out on the water this Labour Weekend that checking the marine weather forecast could save their lives. 58% percent of Kiwi boaties said they check the marine forecast ‘every time’ prior to heading out, according to Ipsos research released earlier this week.

Maritime NZ: Boating safety in numbers

Maritime New Zealand issued its Ipsos 2018 Recreational Boating Survey, revealing that recreational boaties seem to behaving more safely, with a steady lifejacket wearing behaviour, more weather checking, taking two ways to call for help, and avoiding alcohol when going out on the water. 

Maritime NZ message for Safer Boating Week: Old lifejackets can fail

Ahead of New Zealand’s national Safer Boating Week (October 12-19), shipping regulatory agency Maritime NZ advised boaties to always check their lifejackets, because old lifejackets can fail. Manufacturers say lifejackets should be replaced after up to 10 years.

UK MAIB: Lessons learned after yacht keel failure

On the aftermath of a keel failure which caused the UK-registered commercial yacht ‘Tyger of London’ to capsize off Tenerife, Canary Islands, back in December 2017, the UK MAIB issued a safety bulletin for owners of yachts fitted with shallow draught, lead keels.

Hurricanes posing future challenges for yacht market

Harvey and Irma, two of the three powerful hurricanes which hit the Caribbean and southern US in 2017 along with Maria, resulted in damage of approximately 63,000 boats in the US alone, at a cost of an estimated $655 million, providing a clear reminder that traditional maritime risks should not be overlooked.

HM Coastguard stresses need of kill cords for boating safety

The UK Coast Guard has issued kill cord safety advice, after two men were thrown from their speedboat in the afternoon hours of 12 July. The kill cord, as the name suggests, is designed to ‘kill’ a boat engine, in case the driver goes overboard. 

Port of Vancouver implements speed restriction in First Narrows

The Port of Vancouver announced that it will implement temporary and voluntary 15-knot speed restriction for tier 2 vessels in First Narrows Traffic Control Zone. The speed restriction will be in effect between July 6 and October 1, 2018. The voluntary 15-knot speed restriction aims to help keep port users safe.

BPA calls for alcohol limits in recreational boating

On the occasion of the UK’s first Maritime Safety Week, the British Ports Association has called for new legislation to introduce alcohol limits for non-professional mariners, replicating the rules that already exist for commercial ships in British waters. 

Maritime NZ: Life-jackets with kapok filling or cotton straps are unsafe

Old life-jackets with kapok filling or cotton straps are unsafe and likely to fail when used, warned Maritime New Zealand’s General Manager Maritime Compliance, Kenny Crawford, noting that these old life-jackets should be replaced as soon as possible with modern foam-filled or inflatable life-jackets.

Key safety tips for recreational boating

On the occasion of its 2017 Recreational Boating Statistics release earlier this week, the USCG issued a summary of important safety measures that can be life-saving in recreational boating. Despite reporting a 6.1% decrease in boating fatalities from 2016, the report shows that 2017 had the second highest number of fatalities on record in the last five years.