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Maritime industry loses €235 million a year from plastic pollution

Maritime industry loses an estimated €235 million a year from marine plastic debris, while the fishing sector loses close to €138 million per year from plastic pollution, said WWF in a new report. The report reveals that maritime trade and fisheries are responsible for 20% of plastics at sea. 

95% of the waste in the Mediterranean is plastic, WWF report says

WWF released the report “Out of the plastic trap: saving the Mediterranean from plastic pollution.” In the report WWF says that plastic represents 95% of the waste floating in the Mediterranean and lying on its beaches, and presents ways to reduce plastic. Excessive plastic use and poor waste management are affecting the Mediterranean.

Watch: How ocean plastics kill newborn turtles

The short film, released by WWF Australia, focuses on a specific aspect of how plastic pollution is having a detrimental affect on the world’s marine species. For endangered green sea turtle hatchlings, ocean plastics now stand in their way from reaching the ocean, making them even more vulnerable to predators.


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