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Ports and Carriers United on the Need to Weigh Loaded Containers

IAPH joins with WSC, ICS and BIMCO The International Association of Ports and Harbors (IAPH) has joined with the World Shipping Council (WSC), the International Chamber of Shipping (ICS), and BIMCO in the effort to encourage the International Maritime Organization (IMO) to amend the Safety of Life at Sea Convention (SOLAS) to require, as a condition for stowing a loaded container on board a ship, that the ship and the port facility have a verified actual weight of the container. All four organizations have consultative status at the IMO.The announcement comes as the IMO's Dangerous Goods, Solid Cargoes and Containers (DSC) subcommittee, which is responsible for improving the safety of container stowage and ships operations, continues its efforts to construct a SOLAS requirement that loaded export containers have a verified weight prior to vessel loading. As instructed by the IMO's Maritime Safety Committee (MSC), DSC will consider such a requirement at its next session in September 2012 (DSC 17)."Weighing containers to confirm their actual weight is the right operational and safety practice. There is substantial experience with such a requirement in the United States demonstrating that this is feasible on a technological and commercial basis. It is time to make ...

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The decision of IMO for container weights has been welcomed by shipowners

It will significantly improve the safety of containerships and their crews The decision by the International Maritime Organization to consider the problem of misdeclared container weights has been warmly welcomed by shipowners, although no agreement has been reached about whether to move towards a mandatory regime.The World Shipping Council and International Chamber of Shipping have been waging a long campaign to ensure shippers provide accurate information about the weight and contents of containers, both of which pose a danger if incorrect.The decision of the IMO Maritime Safety Committee to solve the problem of misdeclared container weights will significantly improve the safety of containerships, their crews, shoreside personnel involved in the handling and transport of containers, and other cargo aboard the ship, the WSC and ICS said in a joint statement.

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IMO agreed to take measures for incorrectly declared containerized cargo

Set rule on mandatory container weighing The International Maritime Organisation (IMO) has agreed to examine how to solve the problem of mis-declared container weights.At a meeting last week, the UN shipping bodys Maritime Safety Committee agreed to a proposal from the Netherlands, Denmark and Australia to address the issue of incorrectly declared containerised cargo and to take other measures to improve the safety of container stowage and ship operations.The news was welcomed by the World Shipping Council (WSC), a carrier group that claims its members control 90% of international containerised trade, and the International Chamber of Shipping (ICS).The groups said they hoped the IMOs decision would help save lives, reduce cargo losses and improve operational efficiency.In a joint statement, the two groups said: The WSC and ICS, along with many IMO member states and representative bodies for seafarers, dockworkers and masters, support this initiative that demonstrates the compelling need to address the problem.Verification of actual container weight before vessel loading and the availability of the actual container weights for proper and safe stowage planning will mark a long overdue and important improvement in industry safety.They added that they looked forward to assisting the IMO to create a new set of ...

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