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Time has come to renew CLC, bunkers, Athens, wreck removal certificates

The Danish Maritime Authority informed that it is time to renew the CLC, bunkers, Athens and wreck removal certificates. Namely, insurance certificates must be renewed once a year when the underlying insurance expires. Certified vessels shall not enter into service without a valid certificate.

Raysut II wreck removal off Oman successfully completed

Resolve Marine Group announced that it completed the wreck removal of the bulk cement carrier MV Raysut II, which grounded off the pristine beaches of Al-Fazayah Beach, Salalah. Raysut II, left the Port of Salalah in May 2018 when the port was evacuated because adverse weather conditions. The vessel lost headway and steerage and grounded on Fazayah Beach on 26th May 2018.

Sunken Sewol ferry wreck to be lifted soon

The salvage operation is making progress to lift the sunken Sewol ferry which according to the South Korea’s Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries is about to be recovered from the water on April 5. The lifting project is expected to last ten to fifteen days.

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