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The Ocean Cleanup arrives at Great Pacific Garbage Patch

Shortly after the Dutch foundation The Ocean Cleanup announced that its System is appropriate to conduct a cleanup operation in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, the team has now arrived at the scene aboard the ‘Maersk Launcher’ to tackle the world’s largest accumulation of ocean plastics. 

Ocean Cleanup gets green light to proceed to Great Pacific Garbage Patch

The Ocean Cleanup announced that it has the ‘go’ to continue its journey to the the Great Pacific Garbage Patch and start cleaning plastics, after two weeks of tests in the Pacific. The system did not sustain any significant damage and is now able to proceed to the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.

Ocean Cleanup system undergoing last tests before ‘main performance’

Following the successful launch from the San Francisco Bay, The Ocean Cleanup’s System 001 traveled 350 nautical miles to commence the Pacific Trials. The trials will last approximately two weeks and are a crucial step before the System head 800 nm to the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, to clean the ocean plastic.

Kenya launches first boat built entirely from recycled plastic garbage

Last week, Kenya launched the world’s first 100% recycled marine plastic boat into the Indian Ocean. Under the ‘FlipFlopi’ project, the team used thousands of repurposed flip-flops and ocean plastic collected on beach clean-ups along the Kenyan coast for the construction of the prototype.

The world’s first ocean cleanup system officially launched

The Dutch non-profit organization Ocean Cleanup announced the official launch of the world’s first ocean cleanup system from the San Francisco Bay. The cleanup system is heading to a location 240 nm offshore for a two-week trial, before continuing its journey toward the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.

World’s first ocean cleanup system ready to launch

Maersk will provide marine support to The Ocean Cleanup organisation by installing a pilot clean-up system in the Pacific. This will be the world’s first major initiative for collection of plastic from the ocean and it will be launched on September 8. The system will start from Ocean Cleanup’s assembly yard in Alameda, through the San Francisco Bay, toward the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. 


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