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Japan’s submarine academy welcomes its first woman

The first female student that gets admitted to Japan’s national naval submarine academy is now a fact. Risa Takenouchi entered the academy on January 22, after Japan ended the ban on women on the its submarines.

Denmark launches initiative for more women onboard

Denmark launched a new initiative in boosting women’s presence in the Danish maritime sector and supporting diversity, as Danish Shipping, reported that the first 14 companies will sign a charter that obliges them to actively focus on gender equality, called “Charter for more women in shipping”.

Supporting women leaders: A win-win case for shipping

As ILO informs, the participation of more women in leadership roles is a major field of the global fight to equality. Besides, there are still indicators ringing the bell for the global community to shed its efforts for enabling more women in core business positions.

North focuses on the gender pay gap issue

The North P&I Club recently published a report focusing on the gender pay gap issue. Specifically, the report reminds how important is to have the right processes, values, behaviours and a supportive infrastructure in place for everyone that want to success.

Panama Canal appoints its first woman Deputy Administrator

On January 1, 2020, engineer Ilya Espino de Marotta became the first woman to serve as the deputy administrator of the Panama Canal. Ms. Marotta has more than 30 years of experience in the Panama Canal in positions as executive manager of resource management and project controls before the Expansion Program.

SAMSA on historical step towards women in shipping

South Africa’s shipping sector took another step towards gender diversity in the industry, supporting women involvement, as the country dispatched an all-women cadet and training officers’ team on a three-month journey to Antarctica, playing a crucial role in women’s training and education.

Year in Review: Shipping’s 2019 highlights

Year 2019 was full of events, from discussions on accelerating efforts to protect the environment, the importance of seafarers’ wellness, to gender equality and the women’s role in the shipping sector. Thus, the timeline below, presents how the shipping sector involved this year.

Year in Review: Top shipping stories to remember from 2019

If we had to choose one – or maybe two – words to describe 2019 for the shipping industry, these would be: human-focused. Despite the fact that 2020 sulphur cap was on everyone’s mind this year, we saw many significant developments in key human areas. From mental health issues, to women in shipping and safety culture, the industry seems to be putting its people first, trying to boost equality and – most importantly – safety.


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