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Women visibility in sea-related sectors is crucial

The third WMU International Women’s Conference, Empowering Women in the Maritime Community that took place in April 2019, launched its report presenting the women and their presentations that participated and also focusing on the conclusions drawn and future steps that should be taken to boost women in shipping.

Gender equality at the centre of World Maritime Day Parallel Event

Shipping must draw talent from every corner of the globe and every sector to ensure its own sustainability, was the key message of IMO Secretary-General Kitack Lim, in his opening remarks to  the 2019 IMO World Maritime Day Parallel Event, held in Cartagena, Colombia, on 15-18 September. 

UK launches maritime careers campaign

Maritime UK has initiated a new national Maritime Careers campaign, aiming to promote career opportunities across Britain’s £46.1bn maritime sector. The nationwide campaign is being launched in response to recommendations within the government’s Maritime 2050 strategy, launched in January.

Women empowerement on the spotlight at London shipping week

IMO’s World Maritime theme for 2019 ‘Empowering women in the Maritime Community’ has featured prominently in events at the London International Shipping Week, taking place from 9 to 13 September. Specifically, a seminar co-hosted by Inmarsat and WISTA international on September 10 explored the theme of Diversity and Digitalisation in the Shipping Industry.

Career Paths: Sandra Welch, Sailors Society

In our special column this time, we are pleased to host an interview with Sandra Welch, who is the Chief Operating Officer of Sailors’ Society, an International charity providing a personal lifeline for merchant seafarers.

Five common myths around women at sea

A persistence in tradition still seems to be holding the shipping industry away from being more inclusive and diversified and brings women of the 21st century still confronted with superstitions and misconceptions around their potential work at sea.

ICS launches questionnaire on shipping diversity and inclusion

Amid a growing interest across the maritime to boost its diversity and performance, the International Chamber of Shipping (ICS) have launched a questionnaire in a bid to understand how the issue of diversity and inclusion is perceived in the shipping industry.  


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