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IMO’s technical cooperation committee paves the way for UN SDGs

IMO’s Technical Cooperation Committee, which is meeting for its 68th session, from 18-20 June, will be updated on key IMO capacity-building programmes, including the women in maritime programme and assistance to Member States to develop National Maritime Transport Policies.

Gender inequality in ONG: Mind the gap

Women in ONG can be a game changer and drive inclusive growth. As well as in all sectors, gender balanced business units in offshore industry may show innovation and progress; better employee engagement; improved organizational performance; creativity in decision making and morale; better client retention and increased profits.

Increasing gender diversity in shipping remains a top priority

Mrs. Despina Panayiotou Theodosiou, Chief Executive Officer of TOTOTHEO MARITIME and President of WISTA International, says that diversity brings innovation and a better future for the industry; thus WISTA’s goal is to continue building opportunities for women in maritime industry. For more sustainable shipping, industry needs to change attitude; instead of considering that sustainability equals with profit, it should focus on understanding stakeholders’ concerns through constructive dialogues and enabling synergies.

Norwegian partnership focuses on ocean technology and sustainability

Last week, Oslo Business Region kicked off a collaborative initiative as part of the movement for sustainable ocean business, which seeks to mobilise the ocean and tech communities to join forces, building the world´s leading capital and ecosystem for sustainability-oriented ocean tech entrepreneurs.

Women in Shipping Watch – Expert thinking on the gender perspective in leadership

For some, leadership is motivation, for others inspiration. Until recently, women were rarely seen in senior leadership positions as these positions have predominantly been held by men and men were therefore stereotyped to be more effective leaders.  Research has examined whether or not there are sex differences in leadership; what it is evident, whatsoever, is that a lot of progress has been made on our professional lives over the last 50 years, bridging the gap between males and females.

Seafarers figures in UK shipping industry for 2017

An estimated 23,760 UK seafarers were active at sea in 2017, with overall numbers being broadly stable in recent years, according to recently released figures by UK MCA. In 2017, a total of 88,000 seafarers of all nationalities were estimated to be active at sea working for companies within membership of the UK Chamber of Shipping, and a fifth of these were UK nationals.

How do woman leaders affect business and management

Leaders from across Asia and the Pacific, including government, unions, business, and academia, highlighted “game-changing” areas which can transform the future of work for women in Asia and the Pacific. This infographic outlines that gender equality and women’s empowerment have implications for growth and development.

IMO, UNODC, OEF focus on women in maritime security

IMO, the One Earth Future foundation, and the UNODC hosted “Women, Peace, and Maritime Security: Equal Opportunities in Maritime Security”, at IMO Headquarters, on 24 May. The event brought together experts from the maritime and security sector to discuss the importance of women in maritime security.

MOL’s women officers describe the maritime industry to students

MOL announced that on Saturday, May 12, along with the Japanese Shipowners’ Association, it assigned its women officers to conduct a round-table discussion for about 30 students at Seisho Senior High School in Nara Prefecture, in an effort to encourage young people in Japan to consider a career at the maritime industry.

Greek ferry operator appoints first woman as Chief Engineer

Aiming to promote equal gender opportunities to all its employees and as part of its corporate culture, Hellenic Seaways, the Greek coastal ferry operator, announced the appointment of the first female First Engineer onboard a merchant ship in Greece. Theano Sileloglou belongs to the human resources of Hellenic Seaways since 2010.


Are the vessels’ crew members aware enough of the new requirements of STCW Convention?

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