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Wind power technology for ships saves fuel

  Norsepower Oy Ltd. and Bore Ltd announced the successful sea trial of Norsepower’s Rotor Sail Solution, a new wind propulsion technology for ships. The sea trials, verified by NAPA and supported by VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, confirm fuel savings of 2.6% using a single small Rotor Sail on a route in the North Sea. With these fuel savings, the technology has a payback period of 4 years. Based on the trials, Norsepower and Bore believe that a full system on Estraden with two rotors has the potential to deliver 5% efficiency savings on an ongoing basis. Norsepower forecasts savings of 20% for vessels with multiple, large rotors traveling in favourable wind routes. The Norsepower Rotor Sail Solution was installed on the 9,700 DWT Ro-Ro carrier MS Estraden. Owned by Bore, the leading Finnish Ro-Ro Shipping Company, MS Estraden operates in a continuous service between the Netherlands and the UK, sailing through the North Sea’s windy corridors at speeds of 16 knots. “The successful trials of our wind technology are a ground-breaking moment not only for Norsepower, and also the wider development of wind propulsion technology for shipping. The results suggest that when Norsepower’s technology is implemented at ...

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Sailing into the wind can get us out of environmental trouble

This talk was given at a local TEDx event, produced independently of the TED Conferences. Terje Lade gives a inspiring presentation on the vision behind Vindskip™. Shipping stakeholders globally are recognising the importance of creating more sustainable solutions. Due to its very low fuel consumption, Vindskip™ can utilise liquified natural gas (termed LNG) as fuel and will still be capable of up to 70 days of steaming between bunkering. Thus it can meet all of todays and tomorrows regulations.In the beginning, I was open with you propecia before and after has changed my essence. It has become much more fun, and now I have to run. Just as it is improbable to sit.

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Norwegian engineer designs cargo ship powered by wind and gas

To make ships more eco-efficient, engineers have been working with alternative fuels. A Norwegian engineer is currently pursuing a new approach: With VindskipTM, he has designed a cargo ship that is powered by wind and gas. Software developed by Fraunhofer researchers will ensure an optimum use of the available wind energy at any time. International shipping is transporting 90 percent of all goods on earth. Running on heavy fuel oil freighters contribute to pollution. The International Maritime Organization (IMO) wants to reduce the environmental impact of ocean liners. One of the measures: Starting from 2020, ships will only be allowed to use fuel containing maximum 0.1 percent sulfur in their fuel in certain areas. However, the higher-quality fuel with less sulfur is more expensive than the heavy fuel oil which is currently used. Shipping companies are thus facing a major challenge in reducing their fuel costs while complying with the emission guidelines. A new way of reducing fuel consumption, emissions and bunker expenses is being pursued by the Norwegian engineer Terje Lade, managing director of the company Lade AS: With Vindskip he has designed a type of ship that does not use heavy fuel oil but utilizes wind for propulsion. ...

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International Association to promote wind propulsion launched

The founding members of a new association for the shipping industry have announced the establishment of the ‘International Windship Association’ (IWSA), an association that will encourage, advise and advocate for the use of wind propulsion technologies in the shipping industry. IWSA will facilitate and promote the technology, applications and general concept of wind propulsion for the global commercial shipping industry and bring together all parties interested in catalysing the development and uptake of these technology solutions. The IWSA will also play a key role in acting on behalf of our members and supporters within this sector in order to shape industry, regulators’ and international bodies’ perception of the concept of wind propulsion. A great deal of support has been received for the IWSA since its initial inception; thus far 50 members and supporters have registered and the organisers expect those ranks to swell in coming months following the successful inaugural annual general meeting for the association, held in October. Gavin Allwright, IWSA Secretary, commented: “Our goal is to be an advocate for the development of wind propulsion solutions in the industry, whether retrofit, wind-assisted, new builds or wind as the primary propulsion source.  We recognise and applaud the efforts of ...

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Latest prototype of the SkySails auxiliary wind propulsion system on charter ship

BBC Chartering adds 'BBC SkySails' to its fleet Leading German multipurpose & heavy lift operator BBC Chartering announces to cooperate with the Hamburg-based company SkySails. The background is the recently acquired multipurpose vessel 'BBC SkySails' that can offer charter clients the possibility for 'greener' sea transports. The 9,821 dwt vessel is fitted with the latest prototype of the SkySails auxiliary wind propulsion system. The system uses a kite with a surface measuring 320sqm which can deliver an engine load relief of up to 2,000 kW at favorable wind conditions."There are many technological developments underway that have the potential to innovate and influence the future of shipping." says Svend Andersen, Managing Director of BBC Chartering and continues "By adding 'BBC SkySails' to our fleet we can offer an innovative service that allows to measurably reducing emissions and hence credibly and visibly supports a charter client's corporate sustainability strategy."Besides fostering 'green shipping' awareness, the company reports that the cooperation also follows the goal to further probe and improve the practical application of the towing kite system on board.Stephan Wrage, CEO of SkySails says, "The SkySails propulsion system as cutting edge technology offers cargo owners and shippers the possibility to share into our ...

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