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UK commits to seafarer welfare during COVID-19

The UK Department of Transport have sent a letter to the ILO, IMO, and WHO, in regards to the UK’s commitment to seafarer welfare during the current COVID-19 pandemic and how they plan to facilitate seafarer transit and transfer to keep world trade moving.

WHO: EU is the epicenter of COVID-19 pandemic

The World Health Organization (WHO) Director-General stated that Europe is now the epicenter of the global COVID-19 pandemic. Dr Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus urged countries to use aggressive measures, community mobilisation and social distancing to save lives, commenting “Do not just let this fire burn.”

WHO declares COVID-19 a pandemic

WHO has declared the COVID-19 a pandemic in light of both the alarming levels of its spread and severity, and “the alarming levels of inaction”. In the past two weeks, the number of cases of COVID-19 outside China has increased 13-fold, and the number of affected countries has tripled.  

Do’s and Don’ts when talking about COVID-19

COVID-19 outbreak is currently challenging humanity in many ways; among others, many people are experiencing stress and fear while the spreading of fake news is also common. In those difficult times, it is of high importance first of all to be kind and supportive to those who are already experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 and avoid spreading the social stigma.

COVID-19: How to stay healthy while travelling

In efforts to raise awareness on the COVID-19 crisis, the World Health Organization provides tips on how to stay healthy, given that the virus is rapidly spreading in areas out of China.

WHO advice on how to cope with stress during COVID-19

The rapid spread of the COVID-19 has largely affected the psychology of people, as many are concerned about themselves and their loved ones. However, there are ways to minimize this stress, and get through this situation as smooth as possible.

COVID-19: Be Safe, Smart and Kind

WHO published updated information about the COVID-19 outbreak. COVID-19 now affects more people outside China, with most people experiencing mild illness and recover. However, the virus can be more severe for others.

Watch: Tips to protect yourself against COVID-19

WHO has issued a video sharing tips on how we can protect from the COVID-19 outbreak. COVID-19 is an infectious disease caused by coronavirus and spread from person to person, mainly through the droplets produced when an infected person speaks, coughs or sneezes. 

Watch: When and how to wear medical masks amid COVID-19?

The stress associated with the global COVID-19 outbreak has triggered many everyday people to wear medical masks. However, if you do not have any respiratory symptoms, such as fever, cough, or runny nose, you do not need to wear a medical mask, WHO noted. 

9 key questions on COVID-19

With COVID-19 spreading throughout the world, now affecting more countries outside China, the public should be aware of some basic aspects of the virus. In this article, WHO gives answers to nine key questions related to COVID-19.


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