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58% of flag states could be removed from STCW White List

IMO’s HTW 6 Sub-committee on 29 April-3 May considered matters relating to the list of STCW Parties (White List) and its review. The Sub-committee found that the white list of top-rated flag states would be decimated if requirements to report information were strictly enforced. 

China releases draft revision of shipyards white list

The Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued a draft revision of its shipyards’ white list, aiming to receive advice from the public. The first white list for the shipyards included 51 shipyards, while the new one includes 50. The new white lists aims to improve the troubled domestic shipyards.

Paris MoU issues performance lists for 2016

At its 50th meeting last month, the Paris MoU Committee approved the 2016 inspection results. In 2016, a total number of 73 flags are listed: 42 on the White List,19 on the Grey List and 12 on the Black list.

Philippines stays on IMO White List

Says DOLE chief Filipino seafarers are assured of continued good standing in the global maritime community, as the Philippines maintained…


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